Birthdays & Anniversaries
Month of January

  • Paul Ramey- 1st
  • Steffanie Ramey- 3rd
  • Tina Latesky- 20th
  • Ron Nuckles- 25th

Month of February

  • Dennis Lacey- 5th
  • David Humphrey- 12th
  • Mark Latesky- 16th
  • Don Fader- 21st
  • Cary Fader- 28th

Month of March

  • Kim Lewellyn- 8th
  • Georgette Young- 9th
  • Annalisa King- 9th
  • Tom Whitman- 9th
  • Linda Krueger- 10th
  • Shirley Fader- 14th
  • Abecca Frank- 20th
  • Wes Tallman- 20th
  • Paula Howe- 24th
  • Kimme Nuckles- 29th
  • Alex Young- 31st

  • Paul & Dorothy Ramey- 26th
  • Dion & Kathy Frank- 28th

Month of April

  • Sally Whitman- 18th
  • JC Tafel- 25th

Month of May

  • Sandi Harrington- 14th
  • Jessica Smith (Tallman)- 16th
  • Betty Howe- 17th
  • Lulua Howard- 21st
  • Dion Frank- 24th
  • Robert Marsh- 24th

  • John & Kim Lewellyn- 1st
  • Don & Debra Fader- 10th

Month of June

  • Mike Fader- 9th
  • Jennifer Fader- 9th
  • Eileen Meints- 18th
  • Ray Harrington- 18th
  • Kelsey Lewellyn- 27th
  • Robert Targett- 28th

  • David & Debbie Humphrey- 20th
  • Dan & Paula Howe- 21st
  • Ron & Kimme Nuckles- 22nd

Month of July

  • Lisa Davidson- 6th
  • Nancy Motes- 19th
  • Irene Lacey- 22nd
  • Randy LeMieux- 25th

  • Mike & Jennifer Fader- 3rd
  • Mark & Tina Latesky- 26th

Month of August

  • Kathy Frank- 2nd
  • Dan Howe- 20th
  • Cameron Brackins- 20th

  • JC & Roberta Tafel- 27th

Month of September

  • Patty Coleman- 7th
  • John Lewellyn- 10th
  • Myra Piper- 11th
  • Cameron Judd (Fader)- 15th
  • Debbie Humphrey- 16th
  • Roberta Tafel- 27th

  • Wes & Jeannie Tallman- 22nd

Month of October

  • Bob Howe- 8th
  • George Motes- 10th
  • Alexis Scott (Davidson)- 11th
  • Ryan Scott (Davidson)- 11th
  • Marty Latesky- 24th
  • Ailene Gonyea- 29th

  • Ray & Sandi Harrington- 14th

Month of November

  • Tyler Kern- 5th
  • Ethan Kern- 11th
  • Jeanne Tallman- 12th
  • Dorothy Ramey- 19th
  • Jonathan Marsh- 27th
  • Debra Fader- 30th

  • George & Nancy Motes- 28th

Month of December

  • Elliott Tafel- 6th
  • Waylon Scott (Davidson)- 20th
  • Leah Piper- 24th

  • Tom & Sally Whitman- 15th

2341 N. Genesee Rd.
Burton, MI 48509

Arlyn Willett, Pastor




Monday Night Worship:

Come join us for a night of giving the praise and worship that our God deserves.

Prayer & Support:

Each Tuesday morning at 9:30am, a small group meets at the church for a time of prayer, support and encouragement. Everyone is welcome.

Forgotten Man Ministries:

"He spent His time with thieves..." Jesus reached for the hurting. Several times annually we visit the hurting at our county jail to minister. Watch our "What's Next" section for dates and times. More...

Support for Children of the Elderly:

It can be difficult to see our loves ones age, you are not alone. Let us help with prayer, support and active listening.

Nursery Care:

Nursery is available each Sunday during the morning message for children up to "potty trained" age. A closed circuit television is provided.

Sunday School:

During morning Worship time, children up to the age of 11 are welcome to join together for their own special service.

Mens Fellowship & Service:

Meet with the men of Calvert Park for fellowship and provide various services that are needed. Please watch the Calendar for activities.

Women's Ministry & Fellowship:

Women of Calvert Park also meet for fellowship and various ministries. Dates and events can be found in the Calendar.